Bare Finished Steel Raised Floor System

The most widely used steel raised floor, steel access floor system in the world, designed specially for office building.

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Lightweight cement infill makes the steel raised floor panel solid and quiet.
  • Metallic Surface Pretreatment and Epoxy Paint Finish make panel for life time protection.
  • Class A flame spread rating.      
  • Completely non-combustible.    
  • All-steel pedestals provide excellent impact load performance.
  • Zinc whisker free.
  • Panels are convenient to interchange.
  • The whole system are easy to install.
  • Cost saving and environmentally friendly.


  • office spaces
  • classroom/training facilities
  • libraries
  • meeting rooms

the places where demand wiring and cabling, and the old building floor renovation.



This fabricate raised access flooring panel is a structural unitized construction, a die formed all-steel bottom pan fully welded to a die-cut full-hard steel top sheet, filled with a highly controlled mixture of lightweight cement.

Sizes of 24” x 24” and 600mm x 600mm are available.

Bare Steel Raised Floor Panel Sectional View

Bond Edge - Folded Edge

This design of Bare Finished steel raised floor panels is what we use. Although it increases the costs and production processes, It can avoid rusting and steel sheets departing.

Bare Steel Raised Floor Panel Sectional View

Cut Edge

Due to the problems of rusting and broken, we gave up this design of steel raised floor, steel access floor panel.


Understructure - Corner Lock System

  • This Bare Finished steel raised floor is designed specially for office building.
  • Easy and quick accessibility.
  • The Corner-Lock design provides self-engagement and positioning of floor panels.
  • Pedestal nut provides anti-vibration and locking features. 
  • Finished floor height from 70mm to 600mm.


Understructure - Bolted Stringer System

  • Steel raised floor panels can be gravity-held in this understructure for fast removal and replacement. 
  • Stringers provide lateral resistance to heavy rolling loads and seismic loading. 
  • Maximum Finished floor height: 1200mm.

System Performance